State your aim


state your aim

Apparently you can take a Lions dinner from under its nose but only if the Lion knows that you are one hundred percent committed to taking it – it’s a and body language thing.    While I would never recommend anyone to try to rob the Lion of its dinner, it’s useful to be confident about the direction you are taking in life – it’s also a body language thing.


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Great strategems

Cartoon saying of all the great business stratagems, knowing when to quit is the most useful

great strategems

To quit or not to quit, that’s the question.  If you have any dealings with strategic planning, business innovation, product development or business rationalisation of any sort you will have a perspective on knowing the value of abandoning a dying proposition.

The spectre of irrationality and self delusion can creep unseen into our planning processes posing as innovation and originality.  Beating the dead proposition saps our vigour, dampens our enthusiasm and blocks genuine innovation.


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Good plan today

Cartoon about business planning - 'better a good plan today than a perfect one tomorrow'

good plan today

There is a short distance between perfection and prevarication.  Between delaying a good plan for a marginally better one too late.   The best planners tread the line between perfection and timeliness but always deliver the best possible plan at exactly the right time.


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