Incomplete idiots

cartoon suggesting that not all men are complete idiots. Some have bits missing.


There are usually a few bits missing: knowledge about the dietary needs of our partners, any scrap of empathy for the ageing process, a memory capable of retaining information about birthdays, anniversaries or conversations.

I am sure you will have your own list of missing components…


made in the Moorlands     design and images ©Tom Tomkinson

Get some style

Cartoon defining style as knowing who you are, then dressing appropriately.

get some style

If you are a Goth, dress like a Goth.  If you are a Vicar, dress like a Vicar.  If you are a Goth Vicar – well, don’t ask me.   Maybe ‘style’ is about those embellishments that add some individuality to our uniformity:  Jeans that are slashed at the knees, daffodils hanging limply from a back pocket, a tee with pretend pockets, eyebrows that look like stiff hairy caterpillars, a cap worn upside down, a wig like a dead blackbird, glow in the dark shoes, jewellery made from beach stuff.

We don’t have to comply absolutely with our chosen style stereotype.  We can decorate it so it says something about who we are.


made in the Moorlands     design and images ©Tom Tomkinson

Great strategems

Cartoon saying of all the great business stratagems, knowing when to quit is the most useful

great strategems

To quit or not to quit, that’s the question.  If you have any dealings with strategic planning, business innovation, product development or business rationalisation of any sort you will have a perspective on knowing the value of abandoning a dying proposition.

The spectre of irrationality and self delusion can creep unseen into our planning processes posing as innovation and originality.  Beating the dead proposition saps our vigour, dampens our enthusiasm and blocks genuine innovation.


made in the Moorlands     Design and images ©Tom Tomkinson


Taking care of the donkey

Cartoon about marriage 'when you are my prince and I am your princess, who will take care of the Donkey'

taking care of the donkey

Short-term romance is fine; we can throw all our energy at it without being too concerned about the responsibilities, intensities, frustrations, aspirations, commitments, consequences and enrichments of long-term love.


made in the Moorlands     design and images ©Tom Tomkinson


Monkeys in suits

Cartoon stating 'you can dress a monkey in a business suit, but all you get is a well dressed monkey'

monkeys in suits

They are out there, but they don’t know who they are.  Being oblivious to much of what goes on around them and to the impact of their wayward behaviour and habits which is key to recognising the breed.  Those that I have met have been both engaging and entertaining.  Long live the corporate maverick!


made in the Moorlands     design and images ©Tom Tomkinson


Something to say?

Cartoon stating 'some people talk when they have something to say. Others when they have to say something.

something to say?

When it comes to communicating complex ideas and concepts, they say you should imagine you are talking to someone from another planet and explain your subject clearly, concisely and in simple terms.   It is unwise to assume that people (and aliens) have the knowledge and understanding to grasp what the heck you are rabbiting on about.


made in the Moorlands     design and images ©Tom Tomkinson


Golden cage

Cartoon about relationships stating if your heart is like a golden cage with an open door, maybe a beautiful bird will see it and move in.

golden cage

For every singing bird that seeks a place in your heart, a dozen crows with bad attitudes are looking for a quick fix.  I guess that’s the dilemma.  So open your heart just wide enough for singing birds to squeeze in and keep a baseball bat for the crows you meet.


made in the Moorlands     design and images ©Tom Tomkinson