Be bold

cartoon featuring the phrase 'fortune favours the bold'

be bold

You can be brave, daring, fearless, heroic, enterprising and confident in life. Or you can be a bit brash, shameless, insolent and in-your-face.  It’s all about boldness but some boldness may be usefully positive and some uselessly negative.

When it comes to being bold in your creativity, think distinctive, vivid, conspicuous, colourful, bright and flamboyant.

I wish you boldness and good fortune.


made in the Moorlands     design and images ©Tom Tomkinson

The way we were


There are times when we would like to be doing something different to what we are doing: the company we keep, the job we do, the way we dress, the destinations we are heading for. There are also times when opportunities to change aspects of our lives beckon and temp us.

If we could look into the future, following opportunities to change our lives and habits would be easy but the future is a foreign place.   We all know people who just leap onto new opportunities without so much as a glance back.  Those of us who are merely mortal may think that following new opportunities may be difficult or risky.

If we are a bit risk-averse we can just change our lives incrementally so the impacts are subtle and low risk. Incremental change can add up to big outcomes and incremental change provides us with opportunities to change direction.


made in the Moorlands     design and images ©Tom Tomkinson

Get some style

Cartoon defining style as knowing who you are, then dressing appropriately.

get some style

If you are a Goth, dress like a Goth.  If you are a Vicar, dress like a Vicar.  If you are a Goth Vicar – well, don’t ask me.   Maybe ‘style’ is about those embellishments that add some individuality to our uniformity:  Jeans that are slashed at the knees, daffodils hanging limply from a back pocket, a tee with pretend pockets, eyebrows that look like stiff hairy caterpillars, a cap worn upside down, a wig like a dead blackbird, glow in the dark shoes, jewellery made from beach stuff.

We don’t have to comply absolutely with our chosen style stereotype.  We can decorate it so it says something about who we are.


made in the Moorlands     design and images ©Tom Tomkinson

Thinking about thinking time

Cartoon about business creativity "looks like Tim's getting creative" - I guess even cost accountants can have brilliant imaginations

thinking about thinking time

Seems to me the creative mind is a mind in perpetual turmoil so it’s great to take time out from the creative process for a while.  Do some distracting activity; play in a band, ride a bike, read a book, play a game, decorate  a room, cook a meal, fly a kite or maybe a do a bit of light gardening.


made in the Moorlands     Design and images ©Tom Tomkinson