When desire comes calling


lead us not

The word ‘temptation’ is heavily loaded.  The OED definition is “the desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise”.   The word ‘tempt’ is equally loaded, defined as “entice or try to entice someone to do something that they find attractive but know to be wrong or unwise”

If you are an open-minded curious type, there are going to be lot’s of times when you will be enticed and tempted into actions and activities that you know to be wrong or unwise or both.  Tempters have a radar that seeks out people who give off a curiosity signal.   They open a door that we can slip through to see what lies in the forbidden zone.   In the forbidden zone we can either stretch the boundaries of our experience or suffer the consequences of a poor decision.


made in the Moorlands     design and images ©Tom Tomkinson

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