Get some style

Cartoon defining style as knowing who you are, then dressing appropriately.

get some style

If you are a Goth, dress like a Goth.  If you are a Vicar, dress like a Vicar.  If you are a Goth Vicar – well, don’t ask me.   Maybe ‘style’ is about those embellishments that add some individuality to our uniformity:  Jeans that are slashed at the knees, daffodils hanging limply from a back pocket, a tee with pretend pockets, eyebrows that look like stiff hairy caterpillars, a cap worn upside down, a wig like a dead blackbird, glow in the dark shoes, jewellery made from beach stuff.

We don’t have to comply absolutely with our chosen style stereotype.  We can decorate it so it says something about who we are.


made in the Moorlands     design and images ©Tom Tomkinson

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