When opportunity knocks

Cartoon about how easy it is to let oportunites slip away

It’s important to pursue opportunities in life.  It’s how we discover who we are.  Start a business, go on a jungle adventure, change career, start a new relationship, learn to juggle, eat Sushi.

Following opportunities is how we find our place in life.  Some people have opportunity radar to seek out new ventures.  The rest of us just bump into opportunities when they pop-up.   Opportunities come and go.  They can be elusive and uncertain, risky or trivial.

When faced with uncertain opportunities, we rate our personal aptitude for risk somewhere on a scale between the gung-ho and the hyper-cautious.  The former will leap onto opportunities with little concern, while the latter will stand back and ponder the consequences to infinity and beyond.

We’re all different and the differences are unimportant.  What is important is that when your opportunities knock, pursue the ones that you want, take as much care as you need and apply as much enthusiasm as you can muster.


made in the Moorlands     design and images ©Tom Tomkinson


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