Broken bones and broken hearts

Cartoon suggesting that a broken leg may be less painful than a broken heart

broken bones and broken hearts

You can live a full life and not suffer a broken bone, but you are unlikely to live a full life and not suffer a broken heart.
A broken bone is a broken bone and relatively simple to fix.  A broken heart is a broken spirit – the sum of the emotional turbulence that follows the loss or rejection of a friend, a lover, a relationship.
Complex emotional turbulence including depression, anxiety, embarrassment, humiliation, confusion, distress, grief, sadness, apprehension, stress.  Fixing a broken heart requires a change of emotional perspective to calm  the turbulence:  a friend was devastated when the guy she was seeing dumped her. Then her mother kindly pointed out how everyone thought he was way too short for her anyway.  He was…


made in the Moorlands     design and images ©Tom Tomkinson